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Why can't I find my ProvenExpert profile in the ExpertCompass?

The ExpertCompass is available for companies located in Germany only.

  • Only public profiles are listed in the ExpertCompass. So first make sure that you have published your profile.
  • You can easily specify in your user account whether you want to be part of ExpertCompass. You can find the setting under Administration > Settings in the "Privacy" section once you have published your profile.


Settings page, the first of two arrows points to the pencil icon in the upper right corner, the second arrow points to the part at the bottom left "Listed on ExpertCompass"

  • The ExpertCompass user search result is based on information you have provided in your company description, activities / offers, your location as well as profile name and industry.
  • So please check this information and contact customer support if the problem persists. You can reach us at: support@provenexpert.com