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How can I become part of ProvenExpert's ExpertCompass?

The ExpertCompass is available for companies located in Germany only.

  • You can create a free ProvenExpert profile with which you will be listed on ExpertCompass.
  • For this, the profile must be public.
  • If you already have a public profile, you can select whether you want to be listed on ExpertCompass in your dashboard under Administration -> Settings in the "Privacy" section.


Settings page, the first of two arrows points to the pencil icon in the upper right corner, the second arrow points to the part at the bottom left "Listed on ExpertCompass"


Receive customer requests via ExpertCompass

  • To receive customer requests via ExpertCompass, you can check the box "ExpertCompass: receive customer requests" in the Notifications section and select the services and postal code(s) that match your business.
  • This way, potential new customers can send you an inquiry via a form in ExpertCompass.

settings page with notification section, where ExpertCompass settings to receive customer requests is highlighted


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