How do I post reviews using ProvenExpert’s Social Sharing feature?

With the Social Sharing feature exclusively designed for sharing reviews, you can effortlessly promote your feedback and experiences on LinkedIn.

The Social Sharing feature is available for use both during our 30-day trial phase and in the PREMIUM plan.

Step-by-step guide on how to share reviews using the Social Sharing feature:


1. Select a review:

  • Navigate to your profile and single out the public review you want to share.

  • Click "view review" to expand the review.

expand review

  • Click on “Share review”.

share review button

  • Click on the LinkedIn icon under “Post review on social media“.

LinkedIn Icon in section to post review on social media

2. Customize the posting text (optional):

  • Once you landed on the Social Sharing feature page - keep or adjust our posting text suggestion to add your own unique touch.

posting text suggestion

  • Make sure to keep your ProvenExpert profile link included to help readers get access to all your great reviews.

3. Choose a template for the review: 

  • To enhance the aesthetics and visual appeal of your post, choose from a selection of templates specifically designed for sharing reviews.

Template selection section

  • You also have the ability to customize the color for one template to align with your branding or personal preferences.

4. Post

  • You’ll be able to see a preview of your template and post on the right at all times.

preview of post on page

  • Click “Post now” once you are ready for your post to go live.

post now button

Alternatively, you can access the feature from:

1. Your ProvenExpert inbox:

  • Go to your inbox and choose any public review.

  • Click to expand the review.

  • Click on “Share review”.

share review button in inbox

  • Click on the LinkedIn icon in the section "Post review on Social Media".

linkedin icon to post review on social media

  • Then follow the steps as explained above.

2. The Social Sharing feature page directly:

  • Go to Reputation Boost > Social Sharing.

  • Then follow the steps as explained above.


Download your review image

  • Our social sharing feature doesn't just allow you to share your reviews on social media, but also lets you download them as image files.

download review image option

  • You can then use these images on your website or other marketing materials.
  • Depending on the template you choose, you can download different versions of the same review with varying appearances:

template 1template 2template 3template 4

  • You can choose a custom background color for one template to personalize your downloaded review image, which enhances brand recognition and strengthens your visual identity.

color options for template

  • With these easy steps, you can quickly leverage the Social Sharing feature to showcase your reviews on social media or elsewhere online.
  • Sharing valuable feedback eliminates the need for you to manually copy and paste content, as the feature streamlines the process and saves time.

Important: Please be aware that posting on LinkedIn is currently only possible with personal profiles, not on LinkedIn pages (e.g. company pages).