Can existing reviews also be included in the overall rating on ProvenExpert?

  • Since this needs to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, please contact our Customer Success Team at to make use of this service.

Integrating offline reviews into ProvenExpert - is this possible, too?

  • The integration of offline reviews is possible after a thorough review by our Customer Success Team.

  • To collect offline reviews, we are happy to provide you with analog and digital templates.

  • Please contact our support team for further steps:


These options are available in PLUS and PREMIUM annual plans.

Cost of entering your reviews from customer surveys, using the ProvenExpert paper questionnaires:

  • Includes 10 reviews per month; unused reviews will expire.
  • Additional reviews plus fees:
    • 11-50 reviews: $ 2 each
    • 51-100 reviews: $ 1 each
    • 101 reviews or higher: $ 0.50 each