How do I link my Facebook page with ProvenExpert to post reviews?

To use the social sharing feature for Facebook, you will be asked to log in to Facebook at first.

Important: To be able to post on Facebook using the social sharing feature, you must have a Facebook PAGE. A personal Facebook profile is not sufficient.

There are two ways to link your Facebook account:

Option 1: Connect Facebook page while preparing a post with the social sharing feature

  • To publish your review in a post, you need to activate the social media channel you want to post on by flipping the switch for Facebook:
switch to connect Facebook
  • You will then be asked to connect your Facebook account. An extra window will open for this.

    Facebook connection window

  • At this point you can either enter your existing Facebook login details or create a new Facebook account.
  • Make sure that you grant the requested access rights in the login process to enable you to post directly to your Facebook page with ProvenExpert.
  • "XARA Social Media Posting" refers to our tech partner XARA GmbH.

    facebook permissions
  • If you have several Facebook pages in your Facebook account, you will be asked  to choose where you would like to post when you log in.

modal to select out of several pages

  • You can then change your selection at any time on the Administration > Connected Accounts page by clicking on "SWITCH":

change where to post


Note: If your Facebook page is linked to an Instagram Business, Professional or Creator account, the connection to Instagram is automatically established.

  • You can recognize that you have linked a social media account on the social sharing page by the fact that the names of your pages are displayed:

Instagram and Facebook are connected

Option 2: Connect Facebook on the "Connected Accounts" page

  • Alternatively, you can navigate to the "Administration" section in the page navigation, where you will find the "Connected Accounts" page.
  • On this page you have the option of linking a Facebook account.

connected accounts page with option to connect Facebook


  • If you click on "connect", the connection process is initiated and proceeds as described above.
  • You will be asked to enter your Facebook login details and give our platform and our technology partner XARA GmbH permission to post on your Facebook channel.

Once the connection is established, you can seamlessly share your reviews on Facebook using the social sharing feature.

  • Connecting your social channels to ProvenExpert is safe and secure.
  • We attach great importance to the protection of your privacy and will never act without your clear consent.
  • You have complete control over your social media accounts and you alone are authorized to manage the connections, i.e. you can disconnect your connection at any time on the "Connected Accounts" page.

The social sharing feature can be used both in the 30-day test phase and in the PREMIUM plan.