My desired rating platform is currently not supported by ProvenExpert. What can I do?


If you'd like to have a new rating website added, please make sure that you always provide a public URL of your profile from the other rating platform. We cannot process URLs from the logged-in status of your external rating profile.

In addition, a new rating source must have a 5-star rating system and leaving a review must require verifying with an email address.

  • In your profile in edit mode, go down to the section Reviews from other sources and click on Add source.

Section of the profile page, the heading "reviews from other sources" is shown

  • Then paste the URL from the profile of the new review source and click Add.

the mask for adding and managing ratings from other sources is cut out

  • We will then check that this new source meets our quality standards and notify you once added.

the info text to the left of the link to other sources is displayed and says: this platform is not supported at this time. We will check if this platform can be integrated and will get back to you