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How can I have the Business Listings feature on my ProvenExpert account?

Note: The Business Listings feature is only available to users with addresses in Germany and Switzerland.

Do I need a paid plan to use Business Listings?

No, Business Listings does not need a subscription to any of our paid plans. You can use the feature even with a FREE account. Important is to have at least the FREE ProvenExpert profile to be able to connect your business data with the Business Listings platforms.

Is the Business Listings feature included in any plan?

Business Listings can be booked as a flexible add-on to one of our ProvenExpert packages as well as a FREE user and is valid for one year.

How can I cancel my Business Listings subscription?

The feature can be cancelled at any time up to 14 days before expiration. You can easily cancel the subscription by sending an e-mail to support@provenexpert.com.