How do I embed the PRO Seal into my website?


Prerequisite: your ProvenExpert profile needs to be published in order to integrate the PRO Seal into your website.


  • To integrate the PRO Seal into your website, go to Reputation Boost > PRO Seal in your ProvenExpert account.
  • Access the generator and follow the fields in the generator step-by-step.

PRO Seal generator button on PRO Seal page in a ProvenExpert account


  • Select your preferred options in the generator. Here's what you can customize:
    • Include Google Stars (Rich Snippet) code, available in PLUS and PREMIUM packages.
    • Customize colors on the PRO Seal
    • Customize text color on the PRO Seal
    • Adjust position on the website: adjust vertical allocation on browser edge
    • Language: English or German
    • Alignment: display on the left or right browser edge
    • Mobile view: hide PRO Seal in mobile view or not
    • Back side: show the latest reviews or not

Good to know:

By integrating the Google Star code (rich snippet), you direct the attention of users  to your web page in the organic search results.  

  • After choosing your preferences, click on Generate HTML Code:

    PRO Seal generator with button to generate HTML code

  • You can embed the code directly:

Please paste the generated HTML code into the <body> tag of your web page
It is recommended to insert it in the footer, or just before the closing </body> tag.


  • You can send the code to your webmaster, by clicking "Send code to your webmaster":

    Generated HTML code with a text link to send code to webmaster

  • Some input fields will open, where you only have to enter the email address of your webmaster and if needed, a text. The code is automatically attached to the email:

    Input fields to send message and code to webmaster