What can I do if the ProvenExpert PRO Seal covers some content on my website on mobile devices?

We offer you the option to hide the PRO Seal on mobile devices should the positioning options not suffice.

Current options for positioning the PRO Seal on mobile devices:

  • You can decide whether to position the PRO Seal on the left or right edge of the screen for viewing on desktop and mobile devices. If you decide on the right edge, this will be adopted for all device types. You can find the options in the PRO Seal generator.
  • The PRO Seal is always displayed on mobile devices at the bottom of the corresponding corner.
  • The website visitor has the option to minimize the PRO Seal in the mobile view - all he/she has to do is click the minimize symbol (the minus) at the top right of the PRO Seal:


How do I hide the PRO Seal on mobile devices?

  • To hide the PRO Seal on mobile devices, a new PRO Seal needs to be generated and then re-integrated on your website.
  • To do this, go to Reputation Boost > PRO Seal in the side navigation of your user account and click on the PRO Seal Generator.

PRO Seal generator location

  • In the generator itself, you can make your desired settings (adjust colors, positioning, etc.).
  • Under Mobile View, select "Hide on mobile devices" here. Thus, the seal will no longer be displayed at less than 600px width.

PRO Seal generator option to hide the seal on mobile devices

  • By clicking on "Generate HTML Code" your code will be created and you can place it on your website.

Seal generator with button to generate html code


If you are already using the PRO Seal and now want to use the hide on mobile option, following needs to be done: remove the old PRO Seal code from your website. Replace it with the new code that includes the "Hide on mobile devices" setting.