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Are the Google Stars different from the ProvenExpert stars?

 What are Google Stars? 

  • ProvenExpert offers the rating information that Google can display in the form of stars.

  • At ProvenExpert, the term "Google Stars" refers to the stars that are displayed in the organic search results.

Example of stars in Google search results:

Stars displayed in Google search results


Good to know:

The "Google stars" are not only displayed on Google, though. The rich snippet (the code snippet you include) can also be read by other search engines, so that stars can also appear in the organic search results on BING, for example.

Example of stars in BING search results:

BING search result with rating stars


You can find more information on the integration of the rich snippet in the login area of your ProvenExpert account under Reputation Boost > Google Stars.


What are ProvenExpert stars? 

  • ProvenExpert shows stars on your ProvenExpert seals and in the ProvenExpert profile.
  • The stars reflect your overall rating score, which is made up of ProvenExpert reviews and ratings from other review sources.


PRO Seal:

PRO Seal front

Stars on the ProvenExpert profile:

A ProvenExpert profile


So how are ProvenExpert stars related to Google Stars?

  • The rich snippet accesses the rating information from the ProvenExpert profile and allows the Google crawler to read (crawl) this information so that stars can be displayed in the organic search results.