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How do I embed Google Stars for my website?

There are two ways to do this.

Embed the PRO Seal with Rich Snippet 

  • To embed the PRO Seal, head over to Reputation Boost > PRO Seal

  • Click the blue button and start the generator to create the PRO Seal code:

PRO Seal generator button

  • Select the Google Stars (Rich Snippet) option by moving the slider to the right:

PRO Seal generator with option to enable Google Stars rich snippet


Embed the rich snippet individually

  • Go to Reputation Boost > Google Stars in your ProvenExpert account.

  • Here you can find detailed instructions on how to display Google Stars for your website in search results.


Good to know: 
Integrating the code snippet (review rich snippet) also allows you to display the stars in other search engines without having to do anything else.