Which social media channels can I post to using the ProvenExpert Social Sharing feature?

Currently, you can post directly to your LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram channel using the Social Sharing feature. 

You can find out how sharing reviews on social media works here:

How to post a review on social media using the social sharing feature

Benefits of posting reviews on social media

Posting reviews on social media offers several advantages:

  1. Enhanced credibility: Sharing reviews on social media boosts your profile's credibility, showcasing your expertise, skills, and the value you bring. This helps establish trust with your connections and positions you as a reputable professional.

  2. Increased visibility: Posting reviews on social media allows your network to see them, and engagement such as likes, comments, and shares can expand their reach to extended networks. This boosts visibility and can attract new connections and opportunities.

  3. Opportunity for endorsements: By posting reviews, you may receive endorsements from others on social media. These endorsements strengthen your professional reputation and enhance your profile.

The Social Sharing feature is available for use both during our 30-day trial phase and in the PREMIUM plan.