How can I adjust a ProvenExpert survey/ questionnaire?

  • You have the option to adjust a survey as long as no reviews have been received for the same survey.
  • Go to "Surveys" in the side navigation.
  • To adjust an already created survey, simply click on the edit pen next to the survey and select "Edit survey":

Survey with editing penSurvey with editing option

Change survey title

  • In the text field "Experiences & reviews on" you can change the name of the survey:

Field to change survey title

Deactivate/activate question categories

  • If you are in the process of creating a new survey (see also: How do I create a survey?), or even editing your existing survey, go to the option "Customize survey (optional)":

Customize survey option

  • To activate / deactivate a category just flip the corresponding switch of the question category (grey = inactive):

survey in edit mode with highlight on switch to deactivate a category


Deactivate/activate individual questions

  • To activate / deactivate individual questions expand the category in question.

survey in edit mode with highlight on "details" to access the expanded view of the categories

  • Deactivate/activate the desired questions via the corresponding switch:

expanded view of a survey category with switches to deactivate specific survey questions


  • After clicking on Save survey, you can start inviting your customers.


The option to adjust a survey is available as long as you have not yet received any review for the survey in question and if you are in the BASIC, PLUS or PREMIUM plan.


Adjusting your surveys allows you to not only shorten the length of surveys, but also to check that you are only asking about topics that really match your services. (Your customers certainly also prefer surveys that are not too long and time-consuming).