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What is the Status column on the ProvenExpert Business Listings page?

Note: The Business Listings feature is only available to users with addresses in Germany and Switzerland.


Business Listings allows you to view each of your listings' statuses. This article provides an overview of each status type.

To see an overview of your listings' status:

  1. Log into your ProvenExpert account.

  2. Navigate to Business Listings in the left-hand side menu.

  3. Check the numbers on top of the Business Listings page to see how many listings are synced, processing, not synced or opted out.

Status column


What does each status mean?

Status: Processing

  • This status depicts the initial syncing process of the information from the Knowledge Graph (= Entity Edit page) with the publisher.

status column with status "processing"


Status: Synced

  • The system has connected to the listing and is successfully syncing your information.

status column with "synced" status


Status: Submitted

status column with status "submitted"


Status: Not Synced

status column with status "Not synced"


Status: Opted Out

  • There is currently no connection between the system and the publisher. You have the option to Opt In and restore the connection at any time by clicking on the button in front of the desired publisher.

status column with status "opted out"